Breakthrough Success Call

The Next Step - Clarity

"Knowledge is power. Clarity is power amplified." - Ella Hall

"Ella is the lynchpin between you and your full potential."

~David Fagan - Speaker. Author. Expert. Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing.

If we could develop a plan to move forwards that gives you the following:


The wisdom to know WHY, WHAT and HOW to change.


The wellspring of excitement and encouragement to desire and be willing to make changes and take inspired action consistently!


The true inner confidence you need to make the changes necessary (mind, body, energy and emotion) to take you ever closer to having all of you want...

What would that give you?

This is an opportunity for us both to get super clear and on the same page with where you are now, where you have been and where you deeply desire to go!

During this time I will help you identify and pinpoint exactly what is holding you back from having everything you want, and I will help you map out a clear action plan moving forward.

I will also take you through how I can best serve you to have an imminent breakthrough, and I will be sharing some ways we can take the next most powerful step forward together, if that feels right for the both of us, and is a "F" yes for you.

"If you’re looking to transform your life I cannot recommend this woman more highly."

~Michelle B. Psychologist

Ready? Let's Do This!

The one and only greatest super power you have, is the power of choice.

Our choices are neither good or bad, though they do ultimately define who you BE...

and who you BEcome


What others are saying

"Ella's approach is almost impossible to put into words. It needs to be experienced before it can even begin to be explained. For the complete 360 degree, total mind, body and spirit experience I recommend you trusting Ella with your time and resources."

David Fagan - Speaker. Author. Expert. Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing.

"A natural born leader Ella blows people away with her ability to captivate and engage an audience. She is bold in her essence, her energy is big... She has been dedicated to awaken and honour the feminine both in its fierceness and soft receptivity".

- Shaney Marie - Creator, Mentor, Sex Witch & Visionary

"I now know exactly what I’m doing now and what I’m meant to be doing and how to do it - and how to extend that to my team. I woke up with utter clarity and I feel so empowered. Everybody, you have to experience working with Ella, she’s a genius."

- Ian Jacobs -3x World Kickboxing Champion, Trainer, Speaker & Celebrity

Ready? Let's Do This!

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